Taking Digital Indulgence to 5G Levels

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 02/01/2021

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The millennials and Gen-Z are often reprobated for their overdependence on the internet, in particular their smartphones. It is a classic case of the chicken and an egg, where nobody is sure if it’s these generations that are fuelling the demand for digitalization or the Big tech having its way, just as it always does.

The onset of 5G is one surefire way to spice up the discussion. It would be 100 times faster than 4G and drag buffering times to zilch with low latency. Warp speed will rule the charts, as business services run wild like zombies and deliver a user experience tuned to personal likes and dislikes.

More (Data, Devices, Speed)

The triumvirate of data, speed, and devices is converging upon us. As per projections by Cisco, by 2025 there would be 75 billion IoT devices. Such a mammoth population of things would crave speed. Mobidia’s study has already brought out that more speed inadvertently means people doing more stuff online. A sample of 10,000 people was observed for data consumption patterns in 4G and 3G frequencies.


In Korea, for instance, while using 4G plans people consumed 2.2 GB of data per month and only 1 GB while on 3G. The same ratio for US customers was pegged at 1.3 GB vs 956 MB. What follows is a simple conclusion - data consumption is directly proportional to network bandwidth and if one increases, so does the other. Cisco has therefore categorically stated that as early as 2021, a single 5G connection will create 4.7 times more traffic than the run of the mill 4G connection.


5G Applications


5G Will Bridge the Digital Gap


5G is expected to come in and create an equilibrium for internet connectivity. As per data from FCC, about 24 million Americans do not subscribe to high-speed residential internet services. In other words, this lot is solely dependent, be it through choice or due to lack thereof, on mobile internet. Once 5G takes over and internet speeds bump up people can be brought into the fold and offered access to services that were hitherto out of reach. 


A sensor-ed (not censored) society is one that will be smart at automating facilities management and life in general. Transportation will evolve with interconnected vehicles, communicating with each other to avoid on-road accidents. This is all the more true for low-middle income nations which account for 90% of the total road fatalities. Similarly, nations that are predominantly dependent on agriculture can multiply production rates and the farm economy with technological intervention. 


Digitisation of healthcare will take the front seat with low latency networks unfurling its feathers and re-shaping health IT. Virtual assistants, disease diagnosis, preparing advance emergency measures and so much more can and will be accomplished with 5G. 


And since this once in a century pandemic curtailed movement and shun people in their homes, a futuristic 5G vision would nevertheless bring the classroom experience to the home. Immersive technology would deliver lifelike classes while customizing learning solutions for each individual.


5G Applications


Upping the Ante on quality 


4G speeds are only able to touch a maximum threshold of 25 Mbps but 5G, at least on paper, will go as high as 200 - 400 Mbps. 4K video viewing will be the norm. Buffering will be a thing of the past. Cloud computing and gaming will see major advances due to lightning-fast internet speeds.


Smart home appliances like thermostats, security cameras, and leak sensors can coordinate actions with a seamless internet connection and real-time data analytics. Smart automation will inevitably seep into everything from transport, to manufacturing and lifestyle. One day, it will be possible to step in a car and sleep in the driver’s seat while the bot chauffeur’s you to your destination.

5G Digital Adoption




There has been a 54% rise in patent applications pertaining to smart devices at the European Patent Office that is ascribed to 5G. This means there is an increasing likelihood that we don’t yet realize the true scope of smart living that can be conjured with 5G. 


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