5 Stats that Prove Digital Advertising is Worth the Effort!

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 09/03/2021

5 minutes

Digital marketing is getting harder to do. The same things that earlier bore results quickly now take days to show up, if at all. From Facebook algorithms that minimize organic post reach to Google updates that make you reconsider your SEO strategies, here are the top 10 statistics of 2021 for you to consider. 


CPA is $49 for paid search and $75 for display ads 


The cost per action is the price you pay to nudge customers into the buyer funnel. As per Wordstream, it is estimated that this metric costs more in paid search than display ads. That means investing more in display ads should be your priority to optimize marketing budgets


Facebook Ad Spend was more than $31 billion in 2020 


This further proves how aggressively companies are investing in ads to reach the right customers. The aforementioned figure sees a growth of 5% from 2019. Expecting Facebook posts to organically reach thousands of people is a thing of the past. 


Mobile Ad Spend was $61 billion in 2020


More people view information on their smartphones than earlier. Therefore, even though you must invest more in ads, doing so blindly may not yield desired results. Mobile commerce is rising and is expected to account for 72.9% of all eCommerce sales in 2021. Given this state of affairs, mobile should be your go-to platform for targeted advertising. 


LinkedIn Ad Spend Rises 


In 2019, total ad spend by US-based entities reached $1.2 billion. About Facebook, this proves that B2B brands are setting their minds to target prospects through sponsored channels. 


40% of Marketers Can’t Justify their ROI 


Marketing is an unpredictable field. It is hard to numerically prove the subscription of services that justify the budget. This applies especially to SEO which is a long-term play but not ads. Ads can get you right in front of the customer immediately, as and when you want. This is why investing judiciously in digital advertising is highly beneficial.

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