How to land Interview as a Software Developer

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 14/03/2021

6 minutes

IT professionals have a knack for consolidating their resumes with relevant stacks. But what they often miss out on is the right opportunity to display their expertise. Professionals, not just those employed in the IT industry, often find themselves struggling from pillar to post to land the right interview spots. In this article, we’ll share a few tips so you can land the right interviews, when you want and as you want them! 


We All Could do With Some Clarity 


Prepare a self-assessment questionnaire that includes questions from your interests to dislikes, strengths to weaknesses, and future ambitions. Answering such questions will reveal to you your priorities in life and make it easier to begin looking for the right job. Note the following samples to shape the nature of your questionnaire: 


  • What domain of software development do you want to pursue a career in? 
  • What is the minimum hike that you are looking for? 
  • Are you open to working for startups or are you aiming for an enterprise? 
  • Would you be able to work rotational shifts or not?


Shortlist Employers Meeting Your Criteria 


The next step becomes counting down the companies that pass through your filters. In search of a job, people often send their applications helter-skelter to even remotely matching job profiles. Refrain from this practice. What you instead need to do is approach only the companies that tick the majority of check-boxes on your wishlist. 


The office environment in connection to your job is highly influenced by whether the company is product-based or service-based. After having shortlisted the companies that fit the bill, you may move on to researching their style of recruitment. Online job portals have a flurry of reviews and insightful giveaways that readers can formulate an opinion on what works best for them. 


Update Resume


It is time to build your resume. Bear in mind that top recruiters receive thousands of resumes for coveted profiles. It is common practice to filter and process resumes through Applicant Tracking Systems. Using the right keywords and highlighting your expertise professionally is an art not everybody excels at. Use job portals to discover commonly related skills with your domain. LinkedIn displays the USPs of top candidates through its profile strength indicator. Factor in such pointers to bring out the best in yourself. 


Aim for Referrals


Professionals have understood the power of referrals. One study claimed that a referral improves the chances of getting hired by up to 50%. What matters is having the right subject matter expertise. After all, a good word will only get you inside the cabin, but from there it is your core competency that should speak for itself. 


Cultivating an online network enhances your chances of getting to know the right people placed in relevant positions. It’s not just you who stands the chance to benefit. Employee referral programs reward referrers if their candidate completes a stipulated probation period after being onboarded.  


Make Serious Efforts 


It is best if you made the first move and somehow landed your sparkling resume with the right recruiter. Provided you are shortlisted as a potential candidate, the process of taking regular follow-ups cannot be underestimated. Yes, there is a business side of things but you cannot downplay the emotional aspect of it. You never know if it is your sincerity that strikes an accord with the recruiter and gets you in. Implement the following pointers as much as you can: 


Update your resume at all job portals, regularly without fail. 

Make full use of the gig economy. 

Practice mock tests in interviews.

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