Top IT Skills to target in 2021

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 15/02/2021

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Even though the pandemic had struck at the heart of many industries, fracturing the supply lines, immobilizing entire workforces, and setting a chain of unprecedented business restructuring events, the IT industry remained mostly averse to it. This in context to its hiring cycles, which bounced back from a transient dip in April 2020 to a recovery curve in the October of the same year. Operating from home, professionals of the new order have reacted swiftly to readjusting and upskilling themselves as per the changing demand in skills. 


In view of such developments, interviews could be a stepover for new industry entrants provided they pay heed to the topmost priorities of IT recruiters. Below we present the hottest skills in the IT industry in 2021 that can up your HQ (hiring quotient). 




As per hiring trends and listed job-specifications on the domestic job portal, Delhi-NCR are the nerve centres for hiring professionals with niche expertise in Java. it speaks to the importance of Java programming language as it continues to topple modern-day counterparts such as Swift and Kotlin for mainstream projects. Features such as multithreading, security manger, and automatic memory allocation make Java the hands-on choice for cross-compatible applications. 




This JavaScript-based framework is quite the choice for web development especially when it comes to single-page applications. Maintained by Google and a closed-knit community of developers, AngularJS is the go-to choice for frontend alternative for MEAN stack and contains the MongoDB database. Due to its nature of being open-sourced, AngularJS is turned to by both big-time enterprises and fledgeling startups. 


Structured Query Language 


SQL is majorly used to better-manage data in relational databases using which large data sets can be fetched resourcefully. The fact that it is not voluminous in code, makes it relatively easy to learn for beginners. SQL is cross-compatible and therefore used for a variety of operating systems. Due to its applicability in data processing operations, SQL has emerged as an everpresent prerequisite for roles such as data analyst, big data engineers and data scientists. 




The .NET framework was developed by Microsoft, majorly for its flagship operating system, Windows. Even though eyed to be Windows-friendly, it is cross-compatible with many programming languages thanks to library classes like the Framework category Library and customary Language Runtime. Developers can segment and remove redundant data so the scripts can operate effectively. It is available for free as an open-source framework and has built a reputation to be uber-secure. 




One reason why the ReactJS framework has grown in popularity is because of its simplicity. It relies on JSX files that are both easy to understand and code. The framework has been engineered on a component-based approach so that the code can be reused as per need. Additional features include one-way data binding, virtual DOM, high-performance, and components. For such reasons and more, IT recruiters in Delhi-NCR, have classified ReactJS as something of a non-negotiable skill. 




Python’s applications in building machine learning algorithms and statistical computations has shot its popularity through the roof for data scientists. Although there are lateral skills as well that are needed to succeed for analysts but that doesn’t undermine Python’s significance. The language is high-level, open-source, easy to learn and cross-compatible. It comes with GUI programming support, and is dynamically typed which simplifies the code-creation process. 


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