The Significance of a Data Science Portfolio

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 08/04/2021

6 minutes

People assume data science to be the domain of geeks and book-ravishing analysts. This is not a far-fetched reality albeit not a complete one either. It’s true that data science professionals need experience but on top of it they need a platform to showcase it. 

What are the benefits of a Data Science Portfolio?   

Resumes serve a limited purpose of describing your career highlights. While they are perfect for the occasional interviews, there is more to career than just a summary of your accomplishments. Recruiters are keenly interested in characterising the personality of the applicants due to which they quality-check all the social handles. This coverage includes LinkedIn, StackOverflow, and posts on GitHub and interest groups on Reddit for technologists. For this simple reason, having a public portfolio pays handsomely in the long run. 

Online tutorials extend a batch of completion which the applicants can showcase on LinkedIn. Data science professionals can amplify this impressionist approach and share full-fledged projects on GitHub. 

Portfolio Hosting

It is not uncommon for well-networked data scientists to host a website and brandish major projects to the readers. While that is a time and effort consuming process here are a few steps to have your portfolio up and running in no time:


In an earlier post, we highlighted how you can leverage LinkedIn for marketing. Follow the below-mentioned pointers to the word to have a standout data science profile: 

  • Fill all the sections provided on the page from educational experience to peer recommendations
  • Integrate high-search, relevant keywords such as data science, business analysis, and Python programming and data exploration
  • Enlist all the tutorial/project badges that you have completed
  • Keep sharing work update/achievements
  • Grow your network by connecting with people from the industry.
  • If you can, publish write-ups or re-share content created by others on related subjects 

Stack Overflow 

This is a leading website for programming enthusiasts for posting and answering quotations. Think of it as Quora for data scientists. You need to be highly active on the platform to create an activity catalogue. The more your answers are liked by the people, the more reputation points you earn. Each upvote counts as 10 points, whereas if your entry is accepted as an answer, then you earn 15 points. 

There is only one mantra to be successful on the platform. Subscribe to relevant tags and spend time regularly building a reputation for yourself. 


This is the largest online repository for software version control. You can upload entire code bytes along with the results. Share your GitHub link on social handles so that the recruiters have the chance to evaluate your mettle. 

We live in a world that values limelight. Therefore, try to span your range of work on as wide a public net as possible. 

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