Best Books On Software Architecture

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 21/10/2021

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It is not unusual for technical leaders and senior developers to ask whether they should read specific books or websites about software architecture before starting their careers as software architects. Most experts believe a developer is mature enough to develop a technical solution, and they require only a few soft skills to assemble a robust understanding of project management.

This article aims at providing a list of books that will be useful for any technology stack and domain. It is easy to find information about architecture patterns, technical documentation, techniques to get non-functional requirements, and soft skills in these books and websites. 

You can also choose to acquire knowledge about it from any advanced software development course or look for full-stack online courses. You can use any programming language and tech stack with this knowledge. Here is a compiled list of books that all Java programmers who want to become software architects, software engineers, or solution architects can give a read. 

The books will expand your knowledge and help you fill in the gaps. Focusing on the big picture instead of the specifics will also help you more.

1. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

It's one of those classics that every programmer should read, like Gang of Four. This book clearly shows why people consider Martin Fowler their favorite author and a guru in software development. Martin Fowler writes very well, and the text is easy to follow.

While this book complements the original Java design patterns book for project management, it also lists many more patterns from the point of view of an Enterprise Architecture perspective that can help a software engineer. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in learning the practices and architectural principles behind the popular frameworks programmers use to create real-world software on the web. It is also possible to learn additional value-adding details from online courses for software developers.

2. Software Architecture in Practice 

This book is a good start for those curious or who want to understand the basic concepts and ideas behind Software Architecture, but it is abstract, which many programmers might not enjoy. Thus, it is easier to acquire knowledge from advanced software development, and full-stack online courses.

People mostly like the stories and anecdotes about historical events in the books. Since people firmly believe that stories become your guiding light to judge- what to do and what not to do, our mind becomes more open to remembering stories than concepts. Hence this book is found worth mentioning in this list for every software engineer. 

You can use this book as a textbook to learn about software architecture. 

3. Clean Architecture

A good starting point for learning about software architects is to read this book. The author, Robert Cecil Martin, has years of experience writing Clean Code and Clean Coder, making both of these must-read books for professional programmers to build a clean architecture.

Through this book, you learn about the essentials of software architecture and the terminology used at that level. You will also learn about SOLID design principles and how to write clean code using good coding practices. 

By comparing the pros and cons of original designs and architecture, the book also offers practical advice for evaluating them. It is a must-read for every senior programmer or person aspiring to be a solution architect, as it is one of the most fundamental books on software architecture.

4. Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems

Another influential book on the list to learn about the design and architecture of modern distributed software is Microservices, which powered this generation's most excellent apps like Uber, Facebook, Netflix, etc. You need to read this book if you want to move away from monolithic applications and into the Microservices’ world. It is suited for the ones who wish to learn project management. 

5. Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software

Perhaps this is not a book for a software architect, but it is one of the oldest on this list. It is a must-read for programmers who wish to become software architects. This book would benefit software developers with 3 to 5 years of experience because it outlines practical problems and solutions, which can only be learned through real-world experience.

Anyone interested in becoming an architect or designer should be familiar with these problems and their solutions in various settings. Eric Evans has done an incredible job explaining these in a language that the developer can understand. Thus, this book provides deep architectural insight and helps you create robust systems in a changing environment.

Software architects must know every aspect of the software, including design, coding, maintenance, deployment, and support, and you can only gain that knowledge by expanding your experience and knowledge base. These books, as well as a few advanced training courses on leading-edge technologies, such as REST and Spring security, can help you achieve your goal.

Wrapping It Up!

Good books never come to an end. If you are a software architect, technical lead, or solution architect,  you can scout to find more books meant to help you. However, it’s time we wind up our list of books that one can read to broaden their vision and knowledge. If you are a senior Java developer with 8 to 10 years of experience to become a software architect, some of these might be an excellent fit for you. Similarly, if software development is one of your professional interests, then do explore NIIT’s PGP in Full Stack Software Development, as placement-assured program that places students in corporate jobs with a minimum starting salary of Rs.5LPA.

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