Programming Languages to Learn for Game Development

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 19/03/2021

6 minutes

Each programming language was created with a specific objective in mind. Whereas some first-generation languages paved the way for coders to simply mingle with formal computational code, others were introduced to overcome past shortcomings. From this viewpoint it is safe to say, no programming language can fully be obscure and no single programming language can singularly dominate the computing world. This variegated pattern is visible in the game development industry as well. 


That said, here are the top programming languages that game developers should have experience working with: 




Many consider it a primitive language but its modern uses are still profound. The expert opinion states that the XNA framework of C# is particularly suited to runtime environments by Microsoft. The latter being the parent company of gaming giants like the Xbox and Windows uses the C# language. 




This language accords developers unbridled control over hardware processes. C++ remains the go-to language for many game engines. Game developers can manage memory efficiently with C++ eventually alleviating gaming graphics and performance. 




It uses the same principles of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) as C++. Java code is compatible with the leading operating systems of the day such as iOS, Android, and Windows. The code runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that can be executed on any system due to which games developed in Java are automatically cross-compatible.




Together, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS combine to form the web development architectural loop from the backend to the front-end. It can be used to create highly interactive multi-player games as the code integrates seamlessly with other technologies. 




HTML5 is the fifth, and purportedly the last version of its flagship recommended by the World Wide Web (W3C) consortium. It is used for the development of web-based games, and just like JavaScript integrates seamlessly with other languages. There are bright prospects for beginners when it comes to learning HTML5 as they can do so easily without the need to understanding algorithmic computing. 




Python has a huge library of frameworks that game developers can leverage. One such framework is the Pygame that allows accelerated game prototyping. 




Lua is a multi-platform scripting language that makes it a preferred choice for many gaming engines. Its structure and syntax are tailor-made for game development. 




Many people consider Rust to be the original successor to programming language C. Released by the Mozilla Foundation, in addition to being object-oriented it is data-oriented as well that is highly beneficial for game development. 




Since SQL is inherently designed to work with databases, game developers use it for in-game tasks like ordering and accessing account information. In addition to that SQL’s affinity to AR and VR software design is not hidden from software engineers. 

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