5 Digital Marketing Basics You Should Know in 2021

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 21/02/2021

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There is more to a business than selling goods or services. You need to tell customers about what you are selling, communicate with existing customers, reach out to more customers, and take feedback among others. All this makes up marketing.

Digital marketing is the same thing, just that you make use of the internet and digital media for this. It involves extending your business reach and targeting more customers using the internet, smartphones, online marketing, and social media.

But why do you need digital marketing?

Digital marketing has never been more important for your business. With the recent pandemic, the role of digital marketing in promoting your business has become all the more important. We give you some important reasons why businesses need digital marketing.

To reach more people

The Internet has reached the remotest parts of the world. Almost everybody has access to the internet and the devices that use it. You can make use of digital marketing to reach your audience almost anywhere in the world at almost a fraction of the cost that you would pay for physical marketing.

Ad revenues and expenses are easy to track

When you are marketing your product, you would want to track the number of results your efforts and money have yielded. It is very easy in the case of digital marketing. You can keep track of your ad campaigns and analyse the reach using tools like Google Analytics.

You can personalize your ads 

You can choose who sees your ads- right from the nationality and gender to the age and language of the customer. This personalises your ad for a set of your audience; which, in turn, improves the effectiveness of your ad.

Now that you know why you need digital marketing, it is time we tell you about the 5 digital marketing basics you should know in 2021.

What are the 5 digital marketing basics you should know in 2021?

Here are some digital marketing basics you should be aware of to take your business forward.


Copywriting is one of the most important digital marketing skills you must have. Copywriting is anything that you write to promote your business online. This can be via blogs, ads, social media, email marketing, and product descriptions among others.

This skill needs practice, as it differs greatly from standard writing. You need to get the attention of your audience and inspire action with limited words and space. Competition analysis, content strategy, and research, and an understanding of online marketing are important skills that you must develop for effective copywriting.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines form an important part of shopping- from searching for product reviews to browsing, and finally making the purchase. Whether someone is looking for the closest petroL pump, or a restaurant to meet friends, or comparing the features of a mobile phone, or searching for the latest car to buy- search engines are the first things people turn to. Hence, you need to ensure that your business appears for the relevant searches. SEO can help in this. In this, if your ad or content has relevant keywords, it will appear when someone searches for it.

However, SEO is very complex. It involves everything- from structuring the website and your content, to strategically positioning and populating the keywords in your blog. Hence, you need to understand the SEO and digital marketing basics before you get started on the SEO.

Pay Per Click Marketing

The organic reach that you get via SEO takes time. You can gain more visibility faster by paying for it. In PPC (Pay per Click) marketing, you pay for your business to show up in the top spots. You pay for each click that your ad gets. You can use this type of advertising on search engines, social media, websites, apps, and directories, among others. However, you need to know that to show up in the top spots, you need a relevant and quality ad.

Hence, to effectively use PPC marketing you need to choose keywords carefully, allocate budget, and decide upon the ad formats that can get you the best visibility. The more relevant your ads are, the lower you need to spend on this type of marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been prevalent for ages, but its effectiveness hasn’t dwindled a bit. It is a very versatile form of marketing. It can get you more leads, engage customers, and build trust and loyalty. You can use Emails to send out invites, offers, and important updates.

If you have good email marketing skills, your business is sure to have repeat customers and attract more new ones.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Just attracting customers is not enough. The primary aim of digital marketing is making the customers take the action you want them to; it can be clicking on a button, watching a video, filling out a form, or going to an outbound link. You need to drive up the conversion rate for your digital marketing strategy to be more effective.

Some concepts that you need to be well versed with are bounce rate, conversion rate, conversion funnel, and A/B testing.

There are many applications and tools out there that can help you in digital marketing. However, you would be able to effectively use them only if you have the basic know-how. Whether you want to make it big in digital marketing, or just want to take your business to a wider audience, NIIT has just the course for you. The Post Graduate Programme in Digital Marketing and Branding teaches you all there is to know about digital marketing. You can learn what is digital marketing, how digital marketing works, how to use digital marketing, and the different types of digital marketing.

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