What is Moment Marketing?

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 08/03/2021

7 minutes

You can not drive long-term returns from a marketing strategy that does not reinvent. Posting a similar line of thought on social networks makes it harder to engage audiences that scroll their screens on the lookout for topical, in-the-moment content. Moment marketing has come of age thanks to shortening attention spans. It focuses on creating consumable content that leverages vogue trends. If you can connect this trending news with your brand image, nothing like it. 


Yet, it is easier said than done. Whereas there is a long list of brand specimens that carry off moment marketing there is no shortage of campaigns that fail to pick up. Here are 5 action points for those seeking to go one up on their rivals with topical marketing. 

5 Steps to keep in mind for Moment Marketing

Identify Trending News


You have to pick and choose carefully between trends and judge for yourself the sticky factor of each topical news. Make use of social listening tools to see what interests your audience and factor that into content creation. It is universally considered safe to steer clear of anything political in nature. At the same time quirky, or eye-catching pieces of updates can and often are moulded in the manner of choosing.



Create Shareable, Entertaining Content 


Topical is anything ephemeral, like-worthy, and passable to other people. That said, do not overlook the part humor plays in user engagement. With Facebook algorithms hammering down on organic reach with its algorithms, one of the leftover ways to achieve virality is to create humorous content. But don’t take this exercise to an offensive level. Make sure you stay away from such invisible landmines while at the same time drawing home a message/CTA in parallel to your brand guidelines.


Integrate Pop Culture in Your Messaging 


Pop culture includes collectible, famous instances of movies, TV soaps that are timeless gems for recyclable content. They are so subjective and open added that when used smartly, can fit in any type of messaging. Memes are one example of pop culture. When viewers find their favorite sitcoms and characters being discussed online in a contextual way, some can’t help but engage with the content. 


Never Hard Sell

Moment marketing is done best when there is a relatable link between your advertisement and the ongoing trend. Do not attempt to slide your name underneath something that can not be directly or remotely associated with the brand name. If done right, you would see an eventual uptick in engagement. If not, the move to sound in could backfire and get ugly. Remember, the ultimate aim is to embed brand-related conversations with what is going on in the world. The more natural this link between you and the news, the better.


Do Not Chase Every Trend 


Do not waste your energies on dud-trends, the ones that might be making the news but may not translate into engagement success for your brand particularly. Dial back to seeing the evolving interests of your audience so you make a confident decision when it comes to building on the hype of a remote incident. But when you shortlist trending news to reign in on, make sure it is worth the time and energy. 


Final Thoughts 


Moment marketing is not new. Brands waking up to its immediate impact portray how useful a tool it is though. Learn moment marketing and a plethora of other techniques with NIIT’s Post Graduate Programme in Digital Marketing and Branding. This career programme entails more than 400 hours of training with expert faculty and is backed up by job assistance through the NIIT placement cell. Enrol now and see the fortunes change for your career. 

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