How Good Is Java for Mobile Game Development?

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 27/02/2021

7 minutes

Java is amongst the most popular programming languages today. It is being used in applets, complete applications and web pages. But can it be used for game development? Read on to know.

The scope of Java in game-development

Its compatibility, versatility and scalability make Java the go-to language for most programmers. But what other benefits does Java offer game developers?

Java is used in game development mainly because of the following reasons.

It Supports Multithreading

Multithreading helps you get the best performance out of your CPU while using less memory. It allows two or more parts of a program to run simultaneously without interference. This also ensures that idle time is kept to a minimum.

It supports Socket Programming

Sockets act as a communication link between two different processes. This is useful in designing multiplayer games.

It runs on Virtual Machine

Java runs on a virtual machine. This ensures that the game can run on different hardware platforms.

Recently Java has been used to design the popular game Angry Birds Chrome. Other games that have been developed in Java are Asphalt 6 and Minecraft, among others.

Here’s a look at the use of Java in game development.

Uses of Java in Game Development

The usefulness of Java in game development varies from case to case. We split the topic into three different use cases.

Mobile Games

Mobile Games use Java extensively for game development; especially for the Android platform. Hence, it makes sense to learn the ropes.

The only drawback is that Java does not run on iOS. So, if you’re developing a mobile game in Java, you are going to limit yourself to the Android-only market. However, the android market is huge and there is a range of opportunities to explore for beginners.

Indie Games

Indie games are usually developed by individuals or smaller development teams. Most indie games run on PC. Developing these games can be made easier with the use of LibGDX, which is an open-source, cross-platform Java game development framework that works on almost all major operating systems and browsers. 

AAA Games  

AAA games are developed by large teams having a high development and marketing budget. They take years of development time and sell millions of copies with huge profits. Some popular Java-based AAA games are Call of Duty, God of War, Overwatch, among others.

If you want to try your hand at Java programming, you need to learn the basics.

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