7 Ways to Reduce the bounce rate of your website

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 25/02/2022

5 minutes

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who visit a website and exit it after viewing just one web page. A high bounce rate could be hazardous to your sales funnel. If you want to uptick sales then your foremost focus should be to lower the bounce rate. This can be achieved from a bevy of tweaks for which you may need to involve an SEO expert. Website redesign is a common process that aims to lower the bounce rate. Let’s look at some of the additional ways that we can lower the bounce rate. 

  1. Enhance Content Readability  

Upend your on-page content because that is the first thing that a viewer sees on your page (and apparently doesn’t like it). Writing long paragraphs is a thing of the past. Instead, use bullets to drive home your message. Highlight the headline in bold so it catches attention instantly. Don’t forget infographics to go alongside the same. Right at the bottom, add FAQs that should answer the burning questions of your visitors in one-liners. If you want to acquire further knowledge in formulating such strategies then enrol in digital marketing training. 

  1.  Avoid Pop-Ups 

It should be your priority to enhance the user experience to improve your bounce rate. One place to work on this would be to reduce pop-ups. Nobody wants to be bothered about trivial, ongoing offers on your products right in the middle of doing something else. SEO fundamentals are against pop-ups for in-between reading. 

  1. Add a Call to Action

Okay. So you’ve created readable content and deleted those annoying pop-ups. It’s time to guide the viewer towards your call to action. Do this after competitive benchmarking and see how they are persuading their customers to sign-up, or purchase. 

  1. Improve Storytelling 

There has to be a legit story behind your brand that the reader can buy into. Millennials and GenZ connect faster with brands that have a believable background. What is your motto, what differentiates you from competitors, why are your products better than others? Create a storyline around your brand and take it to your readers to see the magic happen in sales. 

  1. Refresh Content Regularly

There are three adages connected to content that never get old. Content is king. Content should be new. Content should be relevant. If you adhere to all of these 3 then your website should be fine. 

  1. Use the Right Keywords 

Keywords are an essential part to monetize the traffic on your website. The right keywords help drive traffic on your website. They are multi-faceted, as they contribute to website traffic, conversion rates, and brand value. Therefore, you should invest significant time in keywords research and on-page integration.  

  1. Engage Visitors 

All said and done, begin engaging your customers. Answer their queries, talk to them understand their mindset, and then finetune your website to their liking. 

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