Data Science Podcasts You Should Subscribe to (in 2022)

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 23/02/2022

6 minutes

There’s a data science podcast for almost every imaginable topic related to this stream. Be it keeping up with trends, learning new skills, or getting a job in this sector. It's an understood fact that no matter how much we read, there is always something that will be left out. Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a list of the top data science podcasts that you should listen to whenever you have time. 

Data Science Podcasts for Knowledge 

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  1. The Digital Analytics Power Hour   

Hosts Moe Kiss, Tim Wilson, and Michael Helbling discuss ongoing conferences and events as they happen. Quite obviously, they touch upon concepts like data analytics, algorithmic psychology, and statistics to break misconceptions about their complexity and difficulty levels. 

  1. Data Skeptic 

This podcast is presented by Kyle Polich and Linh Da Tran and covers a diverse spectrum of topics such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computational statistics to name some. This podcast has amassed more than 370 episodes to date and shows no sign of slowing down. In addition to having discussions around the domain, they also invite renowned data scientists for long interviews. 

  1. DataFramed

Presenter Adel Nehme invites business-like and scholarly data scientists to have discussions around the past, present, and future of this field. Adel makes sincere efforts to bring out the value add that data science purports in view of solving global problems. 

  1. False Data Scientists 

Presented Antonio Borges is an ex-engineer who teams up with Jordy Estevez in touching upon relevant discussions about the data science field. The podcast has a touch of peppy humor so to make extended academic talks a tad more interesting. 

  1. Women in Data Science Field

This podcast is something on the lines of Women in Tech. Speaker Margot Gerritson hosts women in the field of data science to speak on data science. The objective of each episode, more or less, is to highlight the value proposition of data science in commercial and everyday life. 

  1. Podcast with Lex Fridman  

It was formerly known as “The A.I. Podcast”. Unlike other entries on this list, this podcast focuses on the transcendental nature of data science, its philosophical aspects, and its applications in health, and technology.

  1. Super Data Science 

The discussions center around data science tools, data-driven processes, and approaches. The speakers also bring to light resume and job application hacks to get best-fit profiles. There is enough dope to keep you enticed in discussions around time series analysis, knowledge graphs, and data science projects. 

  1. Futurology of Data Science 

Host Felix Flores, who is himself a data science executive, interviews the most talked about figures in data science. While this is one aspect of the show, the other focuses on disbursing knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, and DIY tips for excel and analytical tools. 

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