The 5 Biggest (IoT) Internet of things Trends in 2021 | NIIT

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 10/01/2021

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IoT is a complex network of interconnected devices and objects collecting and sharing data among themselves over the internet. These devices may be embedded with sensors or multiple technologies to exchange information. IoT is the convergence of analytics, big data, machine learning, and low-cost computing.

Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved in the past few years and has become ubiquitous in all sectors. But there are many questions about how viable IoT is in the future; what are the emerging and future trends in IoT; and what are the predictions about IoT?

We tell you all about some of the biggest IoT trends you can look for in 2021.

1. Upgrading privacy on IoT

IoT devices have permeated domestic and professional lives. For instance, Alexa has made our life easier with smart control. However, the evolving field of IoT technology has its security issues. There are concerns over the practices employed by IoT devices to collect data whether in active/passive modes. Besides, the security of the device network is a major point of concern. As a result, privacy up-gradation is likely to be the topmost priority for players in the IoT market. Addressing the privacy concerns and devising ways to make the IoT technology more secure and private will build consumer confidence and make for a safer experience.

2. Penetrating the healthcare sector

COVID-19 has forced healthcare to adapt so that no one is deprived of basic healthcare facilities because of lockdown restrictions. IoT in the field of healthcare has given rise to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). With the help of IoT technology, wearables and sensors, such as EKG and ECG monitors, can accurately detect a person’s health. With IoMT, you can measure your temperature, heart rate, glucose level, and blood pressure sitting at home. IoT leaders are likely to innovate and invest more in digital healthcare in 2021.

3. Remoulding employee experience

One of the most promising future IoT trends would be the transformation of employee experience. The work-from-home regime is reshaping the office culture and has forced professionals to reflect on the need for a regular presence in office premises. IoT devices can enhance the work efficiency of employees while working from home, as well as boost employee productivity in the office. IoT technologies like smart lighting, energy monitoring, and sensor-equipped space utilisation can also improve sustainability in the office premises. With professionals returning to the office, IoT will be the driving force behind tracking the health and ensuring the safety of the employees.

4. Enhancing customer experience

Store owners and sellers in all sectors are expected to increase the use of IoT to enhance their customer service, which will directly impact the IoT market size in India.  The core priority of sellers would be to improve the location-based service. IoT technology will be used to integrate location data and make digital services more seamless. This will save the customers the hassles of standing in long queues and going to a store, especially in the current pandemic. Sellers will capitalise on IoT to build customer loyalty and increase interaction with purchasers.

5. Increasing IoT technology in industries

The network of connected devices saves a lot of manpower and makes the job quicker. IoT will permeate most of the industrial sectors in all phases of their business and help in cutting down extra expenses like travel costs, procurement costs, and operation costs. Increasing remote operations can be a likely development in 2021, which will be facilitated by IoT. Hence, the traditional modes of business are likely to change to accommodate IoT in the future.

These IoT trends in 2021 will reshape the digital space and change how we experience technology. These developments will become more refined in the years to come and redefine your perception of IoT.  

You need to stay up to date with these upgrades to be relevant in any field. NIIT, realising this need, plans to come up with a comprehensive course in IoT which will introduce basic IoT concepts and make you well-versed in its usage. This will help you capitalise on the latest developments and be on the top of your game.


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