Applications of AI in Digital Marketing

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 12/03/2021

7 minutes

Thank Goodness! Artificial Intelligence did not turn out to be the menace that it was thought of once, especially for the digital marketing industry. Contrary to the fear that AI would instantly replace humans by outperforming their respective KRAs, it has shown its value by automating a great many redundant but important tasks. Take the advertising agencies of Europe for instance. The most common areas where they are using AI include: 


  • Running retargeting ads 
  • Segmenting user demographics 
  • Optimizing media buys 
  • Delivering accurate ads 
  • Optimizing marketing budget for better ROIs 


Here are the top 5 applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing: 


Content creation 


AI is still not as self-reliant to be able to create content on its own, i.e. intelligently. However, with constant research and advancement in supervised and unsupervised learning, it is getting there. As of writing, AI can create reports and news snippets based purely on data and information. Major publications such as Forbes, the Washington Post, the BBC, and CBS have already published stories created by AI. Software tools such as Quill, Wordsmith, and Articolo are used for the same. All you have to do is simply input the data, hit enter, and voila, it’s done. 


Automated Content Curation 


This one has been in the works for quite some time now and all major smartphone applications such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime have been using it. AI is trained to understand interests unique to each user, and then display content matching their preferences. This is one of the reasons when you click on A-type of videos on YouTube that you continue seeing a series of them. For content-rich websites, automated content curation is a boon. 


Email Marketing 


The number of emails being sent and received every day will reach 376 billion by 2025. As far as brand communication goes, it is one of the best tools to grab leads. But how do you make AI do the leg work so humans can be freed up for more productive assignments? Machine learning algorithms can be used to determine the best times for sending emails, subject lines for better open-rates, the frequency of emails to be sent, and the logo positioning for click-through rates. Whereas A/B testing will never fall out of fashion, AI certainly mitigates the learning curve maximising email marketing ROIs. 




Chatbots have become a mainstay in digital marketing helping offer round-the-clock customer service operations. Answers to frequently asked questions can be pre-fed into the software guiding users with resolving disputes quickly. They have freed-up bottom lines that can be trained to direct energies towards strategizing marketing campaigns. Another upside to chatbots is that, unlike human responders, they never express feelings such as disapproval, hurt, anger, or even frustration. Provided the AI models are well trained, chatbots can continue answering questions with the finesse of humans all day long. 


Website Design


No more do you need a dedicated website designer to come up with a standard website for your business. This can be done by inputting your requirements such as the banner images, text, and the CTAs into the software. The program takes care of everything and outputs your desired website with redirects and whatnot. 




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