Is Social Media Marketing Bang-for-Buck?

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 04/03/2021

6 minutes


Social media is the digital equivalent of our physical world. It has brought about 3.6 billion people under one digital roof and given them a platform to conduct cross-border conversations in real-time. The power and reach it accords those with a huge following is massive. The best part, starting with no followers or connections, you can build an impressive fan-following sooner than later. Apparently, this, and an array of other prospects have B2C brands convinced of long-term, serious investments for their social handles. Let us elaborate further on some of these striking factors that have businesses chase social media. 


Establishing Digital Presence 


Buyers want to be familiar with the brand they purchase from. Brands use social media to portray their values and the ideals they stand for. It is rather self-serving and intuitive to post content that projects you in a specific light as it lures people of matching perceptions. This fanbase acts as your first-point buyer who would readily purchase from you through e-commerce channels. The page banner, public information, statuses, and posts should all follow a brand style guide that has been carefully woven around the target audience. 


Initiate Dialogues 


Not everything that goes on on social media is about upselling. A lot of it has to do with building rapport with customers and winning their confidence. This can happen only if you encourage slash initiate conversations. Use content triggers that make people want to jump right in and create unending comment threads. Businesses could even generate opinion polls for engagement or simply post around a topic that is bound to have people spurred to discuss. 


Listen (Socially!)


Through social listening you can register the sentiment of your target crowd, how do they express themselves, and analyze expected reactions. Once you have identified the bottlenecks faced by your audience, you can address the same through your content. Social listening can reveal commonly used jargon by your TG which allows you to communicate in the same tone and tenor. 

Improve Customer Service 


Customers have upped their demand for real-time servicing as social media allows them to speak their minds to the masses at once. Gone are the days of complacency. One tweet or a Facebook mention could put the brand in a bad light. On the other hand, if the business has the capability to address queries through social media then that sends a strong, customer-friendly signal as well. 


Drive More Sales 


Assuming that you get regular visitors on your social pages, the same could be directed to your website for a more streamlined experience. Brands constantly post topical pieces of content such as articles, videos, and reports that redirect to a landing page to loop-in the customer. This inbound traffic further works to embolden the website authority and boost SEO rankings as the referral traffic grows.

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