4 Tips to Become a Better Programmer

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 11/03/2021

4 minutes

Programming is a fun career to be in. As long as there is software, there will be a need for coders to write programs. But in and of itself it is not a career, per se. After all, it is a skill many are good at, but one that more people flounder in. The million-dollar question then becomes, how do you become a better programmer. The answer is simple and straightforward and sounds exactly the way it has been described in the below actionable pointers. 


Keep Reminding How Much You Must Learn 


Never kill the childlike ambition of learning within you. When top undergrad scholars step into the real world, they have a “I know it all” vibe which seems to convey a very aversive attitude to taking feedback. On the other hand, when you set higher goals and plan to achieve them systematically, you know exactly how tangential the learning curve is. Therefore, stay humble and repeat to yourself how much you must inculcate to get better at coding. 


Rewrite Your Code


You can never create the perfect code in the first go. Doing it in the second attempt is, well, probable but again highly unlikely. Therefore, whatever language you code in, it better to write it 3 times for the following reasons: 


  • The first try proves that your concept can be programmed
  • The second try validates the idea that you can make it work
  • In the third instance, you eradicate the little inconsistencies and make it work as it should 


Read Others’ Code


Coding is like writing a novel, the only difference is you are doing it in a computational language than a social one. To get better, you must adopt the practices of writers, reading. Reading someone else’s code is one of the best ways to fill yourself up with new ideas. At the same time, try and assess your reading in the following manner: 


  • Would I have approached this or that coding problem the same way? 
  • Did I learn something new? 
  • What steps can I undertake to improve the code? 

Approaching coding as if it’s art, would make you a renowned professional in this field. 


Focus on the Fundamentals 

Programming languages and frameworks age, like humans. And considering the pace of technology, you have to continue learning new stuff regularly. The only thing that sticks, is the basic knowledge of programming. Fundamentals never change and are transferable. Make sure you have a strong grounding on which to base your coding profile. Speaking of which you can build on right here at NIIT with the all-new PGP in Full Stack Software Engineering

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