Top 10 Tools For Ads Spying

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 25/01/2022

8 minutes

Designing a good Facebook ad can be a hassle. However, these Facebook advertising spy tools save a lot of time and money. When it comes to competing on social media, the company's main purpose is to spy on its competitors' advertising strategies on Facebook. Over the last few years, the trend towards social media marketing has gained a lot of momentum. By using the digital market course social media site platform, businesses ensure that their product ads reach their target groups in the shortest possible time. Therefore, you will always want to know how to make your products accessible to your competitors using Facebook ads.

 As a result, it is imperative for many brands and businesses to emphasize specific ad espionage tools that help spy on competitors' ads. According to industry experts, social media sites like Facebook have made branding easier for many companies. This stands true for Facebook ads as well.

It's a widely accepted fact that advertising on Facebook in digital marketing training can reach the desired number of audiences, which is not possible with other forms of advertising. On the other hand, posting an ad on Facebook helps promote the ad because many population groups have accounts on Facebook. And today I have something that makes you feel like you're mastering a competitor's advertising strategy (using Facebook Ads Spy). Here is a list of the best Facebook advertising spy tools of the year. So if you're looking for an effective way to get more sales faster and improve your ROI, you'll love these ad spy tools:

  1. Adplexity: It is one of the best mobile native advertising spy tools to track your competitors' most profitable advertising campaigns. This platform is StartApp, MillennialMedia, InMobi, Airpush, Leadbolt Advertising Network, Adcash Supports many cellular networks such as PopAds. Pop cash, PropellerAds, ZeroPark pop-up service, and many mobile web ad exchanges.


  1. AdEspresso: AdEspresso is a free spy tool for Facebook ads and has a rich library of ads for Facebook. Interestingly, there is a great collection of ads from companies operating on global platforms. These posters can be viewed with this tool, including all companies, including competitors. Available for free, can be a great option for brands looking to spy on competitors' ads. In addition, AdEspresso has a wide range of resources for marketers of all skill levels.


  1. Macaw.Pro: Macaw. pro is a comprehensive advertising library intelligence spy tool and app analysis tool. Benefit from tracking, searching, filtering, downloading, using, and the best user acquisition practices in the world. In-depth analysis of advertising campaigns and a huge database of advertising motifs attract competitors.


  1. Whatrunswhere: Having an in-depth track of your competitions` strategies will allow you to effectively plan and buy advertising more efficiently. This tool will help you to extract details on creative messages used in winning campaigns, discover what calls to action are working for your competition to vastly improve CTR, and discover ways to start and scale new campaigns today. 


  1. Big Spy: BigSpy is an Ad and E-Commerce Marketing Spy Tool. This tool accumulates data that is big, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Shopify ads, and they constantly update it. It Gets your attention to marketing ads through filtering ad type country, creative type, industry type, CTA, and time. etc. You can view related products by searching for country, industry type, and expiry date.  You can easily find ads that do well in your niche. It helps you to run ads more profitable and cheaper.


  1. Eboost: This ad spy is a free extension tool. You just need to go to the website and add it to the chrome extension. It is the simplest and easiest way to see ads of your own as well as others.


  1. Dropispy: It is one of the best alternative tools for ads spying. It allows you to search from a database of social networks. It also provides real-time data on competitors’ ads and on their preferable choice.


  1. Spyfu: This ads spy tool comes under competitive intelligence for online marketers where it offers PPC paid advertising and SEO depth.


  1. AdTargetting: It supports five languages i.e., English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and German. It is mainly used for Google and Facebook interesting tools. It creates interest from other competitors.


  1. Moat Analytics: It mainly focuses on promoting online brand advertisements. Its services encompass Moat Analytics, Moat service pro, and Moat ad search. It promises that your ads are published on different platforms.

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