Emerging Careers in Immersive Technologies

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 02/02/2021

5 minutes

Immersive technology is gaining a fastidious reputation when it comes to mixing reality with digital elements. From fantasy to reality, its sub-domains namely Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have opened the doors for unconventional IT professionals with a gift for out-of-box thinking. Statista predicts that by 2030, about 23.36 million jobs will be enhanced by such immersive technologies. But considering the industry as it continues to evolve and the expected on-the-job role gets redefined, here are the top 5 careers for those interested in AR. 

Design Architect

These professionals are required to produce the exterior contours of wearable devices. With each passing design are exposed new shortcomings as per customer feedback and it must be assimilated in better, forthcoming designs. Whether it is creating a head-mounted display, or refining the edges behind a simple but AR-powered eye-glass, design architects are called to action. Not focusing on the software, people employed to work as design architects dedicate their energy towards developing hardware stylization. Acquiring a degree in architecture is a must. Candidates can top that off with third-party certifications to have an updated knowledge base. 


Software Developer 


The software is where the real action takes place. Precisely that is why being a software developer will never be out of fashion. For those engaged in developing high-end software, the requisite skills include data structures and algorithms, programming, databases, networking, and quality assurance. Lest we forget, knowing your way around networking is also recommended. 


3D Artist 


3D artists need a strong portfolio of skills to get hired in the first place. Such skills include knowing the tidbits of standard software, V-Ray, SketchUp, 3ds Max, etc. An accredited degree in graphic design is a must. Professionals must have a knack for mixing creative elements such as color, texture, lights, and minimalism. In-depth knowledge of Adobe In-design and Photoshop is considered a staple. As a 3D artist, you’d be asked to create graphic designs and go back to the drawing board again and again so storyboarding would be a bonus feature to have. 


System Validation Engineer


They work closely with and act as the bridging contact between the operations team and the development team. Their chief responsibility includes running relevant software tests and initiating improvement cycles. A bachelor’s degree in engineering and or relevant discipline is required. Testing scripts, programming languages like Python, R Java, C/C++, and HTML5 along with project management, and data analysis are a couple of other skills necessary to be employed in this profile. 

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