Top 5 CRM Marketing Tools for 2022

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 17/12/2021

Marketing is getting automated. First-rate marketers need a centralized approach to pushing their campaigns on the forefront at scale which is where Martech software chimes in. Multi-channel marketing offers the best results particularly for social media, mobile, and paid ads when organized through a specialized software solution. Therefore, in this article, we will go over the top 5 marketing automation tools that you can use for your campaigns. 

Top 5 CRM Marketing Tools for 2022  


HubSpot is an umbrella brand for multiple products pertaining to sales management, email marketing, and other B2B verticals. But of all these, if it is known to be superior to competitors is probably the CRM category. With HubSpot, you can create and manage customized communication to nurture convertible leads for growing the business. Some of its leading features include customer segmentation, data auditing, content marketing, ROI analysis, and automated publishing. In addition to being affordable for small and medium businesses the platform allows you to simplify operations with an attractive and lean user interface. The pricing ranges from a freemium edition to a monthly plan of $49 which goes upto $3200 for enterprises. 


The Salesforce CRM is perfect for enterprise-level clients. A couple of reasons why Salesforce is such a fan-favorite and leader in the is category is because of its analytical capabilities, a plethora of integration options, and AI-enabled automation. Since it is cloud-based, it means you can log in to Salesforce through any web browser and get to work. With salesforce, you can manage and score leads, based on their apparent interest. Its pre-existing report templates make data visulaization a child’s play. What’s more, no matter the department, the UI is central for all Salesforce users, therefore no more confusion. Payment plans begin from $25 and go upto $300 per user annually. 


Zoho is much loved for its multi-platform services for small and medium-sized businesses. Team collaboration with Zoho is like a knife going through butter. Workflow automation, lead nurturing, and project management are some of its leading features. Its predictive analytics mode lets you make sensible, data-backed decisions. With Zoho, you can create a personalized customer journey, manage customer pipelines, and leverage the power of automation through its AI assistant. The company doesn’t charge customers up until 3 accounts following which the standard subscription rates of $14 enfold go as high as $52 annually. 


Pipedrive caters to a mixture of small and medium-sized organizations. Some of its features include scheduling meetings, lead prioritizations, report generation, and data import and export. In addition to this, PipeDrive also offers forecasting and reporting capabilities. Just so teams could stay connected, PipeDrive has built-in mobile notifications for users. You can integrate this CRM with most mainstream plug-ins relevant for marketing. Payment plans range from a starter pack of $12.50 and go upto $99. 


Keap helps you track and capture leads. With this CRM you can easily automate workflows and personalize follow-ups so that you can finalize deals much faster. The user interface is designed as the single point of access for retrieving emails, messages, files, and invoices. You can set triggers to have emails sent automatically. There are 3 pricing plans. The first one is a lite version that begins at $79, the second one is Pro priced at $159, and the last one is a Max plan $199.  

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