10 Best Social Listening Tools That You Should Be Using

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 11/10/2021

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If you fail to keep your business steady, you won't be able to make profits. A company's future is determined by its customers; so what can you do to keep them informed? What are the specific conversations that your customers are having about your brand or products that can be tracked and monitored?

Social listening tools play an important role here. These tools allow you to monitor and analyze mentions of your brand across multiple social media channels. You can learn about them through an online course in digital marketing. 

It may seem like it is another task to accomplish, but trust the statistics and the value it will add to your work. In your efforts to utilize the power of these tools and make them an integral part of your business, you are taking a significant step forward. Let’s explore the 10 best social listening tools for your company that are available on the market.

Top Social Listening tools for a thriving Business Management

1.   HubSpot Social Media Management Software

With HubSpot, you can observe the audience's conversations and interactions on social media. Using the database of contacts in a free CRM, you can also understand the daily engagement rate of the targeted audiences on social media by translating the information into your business' context. 

HubSpot allows you to schedule weekly content in advance across all of your accounts to save time instead of logging in to your social profiles. The tool also lets you integrate social media with your content offers. There is also digital marketing training available for users who wish to learn about this platform through advanced digital marketing courses online. 

2.  Brandwatch 

Brandwatch provides a lot more than social listening as a platform for consumer intelligence. By bringing insights to the surface automatically, Iris' AI analyst, a component of this software as a service, automates social media monitoring and saves users time and energy. 

As a result, Brandwatch enjoys a distinct advantage over its competitors due to the auto-segmentation and image analysis capabilities. It is essential to analyze images since more and more social media users post only visual content! 

3.  NetBase Quid

In addition to providing consumer and market intelligence, NetBase Quid offers social listening capabilities. The AI-driven platform provides insights into any topic or brand using historical and real-time SEO fundamentals and social media analysis. 

Users of NetBase Quid's social tool are able to gather social data without investing much time in digital marketing training, whether they're conducting brand management or market research, allowing them to focus on what's important.

4.  Sprinklr

Customer success managers and marketers will find that Sprinklr's homepage describes its platform as a Customer Experience platform. One of their most powerful products is Modern Engagement, a social listening tool which tracks 35 channels, making it among the most comprehensive products on the market. 

5.  Talkwalker

The Forrester Wave report includes Talkwalker, one of the most comprehensive social listening tools as the go-to platform for feedback analysis. Its AI engine provides users with astonishing insights. In addition to text analysis, it also analyzes images and videos. 


Talkwalker claims to save users 40 percent of their time by automatically creating and disseminating reports, which should be welcome news to any marketer or SEO expert! A plethora of advanced digital marketing courses are offering training for this platform. 

6.  Digimind

In order to gain consumer intelligence, identify influencers in their industries, and understand the reputation of their brands under SEO fundamentals, Digimind provides an online social listening and market intelligence platform. 


Using their AI-powered social listening tools, the software tracks, analyzes, and interacts with social media posts that mention or reference their brands. With this solution, you are able to manage all your social media content from one source, and you can monitor the performance of your content. 

7.  Synthesio

Platform Synthesio specializes in conducting market research and gathering consumer intelligence. A key component of their service is social listening. Using their social intelligence offerings, clients could analyze data cleanly to manage their business, monitor and analyze brand sentiment, and identify trends. Using this intelligent tool, clients could gain rapid and useful insights.

8.  Linkfluence

Linkfluence delivers social listening in its entirety with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Radarly and Search allow users to track and manage their online reputation in addition to tracking brand equity, spotting trends, discovering relevant influencers, and evaluating campaign performance. 

9.  Meltwater

By monitoring and understanding consumers, Meltwater's media monitoring and social listening tool helps users create effective campaigns. Meltwater believes that this platform enables brands, PR professionals, SEO experts, communications analysts, and data scientists to solve problems irrespective of their qualifications in digital marketing. The importance of monitoring social media cannot be overstated. 

10.  Zignal Labs

Signal, a more complex system, may be better suited to scientists and data analysts than marketing and communications professionals and SEO experts. The platform provides brands with a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of their ideal customers, the effectiveness of their campaigns, and what their target audiences are saying with data analysis. 

Use Social Media Tracking Tools To Grow Your Business

You should always review the SEO fundamentals, product pages, and pricing carefully if you're looking to integrate a new tool.

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