What do paid-media strategists Do?

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 29/09/2021

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Paid media campaigns are not easy. You need to adopt strategic approaches not just to reach your target audience but also to establish a relevant emotional chord. Done right, brands can expand their customer base with long-lasting, effective communications. This is where paid media strategists come into the picture and in this article we’ll find out the exact ways in which they help campaigns grow.

What do Media Strategists Do? 

The job of a media strategist is to design advertisement campaigns that effectuate new user acquisition and sustain the volume of current customers. It all begins with identifying 3 main points which are mentioned as follows: 

  • Identify key performance indicators such as audience demographics 
  • Second, media strategists finalize the ultimate time to flag off their campaign 
  • Third, shortlist the platforms on which to run the campaign 

A full-fledged list of KRAs expected out of media strategists is as follows: 

  • Develop marketing strategies for clients 
  • Manage advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. 
  • Research and innovate new methodologies for marketing solutions 
  • Oversee retargeting ads and optimize ROI 
  • Brainstorm with sales and product teams to develop a uniform messaging
  • Perform campaign analysis and report data to stakeholders 
  • Stay up to date with the latest media buying strategies and trends 

To make an informed decision on the above pointers, media strategists curate raw information and draw analysis from surveys, questionnaires, customer ratings, etc. These steps help in cementing an outline of the customer. Once the buyer profile is complete, budget allocations are made to architect campaigns and spread the desired messaging. This choice is made based on the division of prospective customers across social media, TV, YouTube, etc. It is critical for them to allot an equitable weightage to platforms based on their impact on the target audience. While articles and news feeds help understand the ongoing trends, signing up for a PG diploma in digital marketing can also be helpful for aspiring media strategists. 

Skills Required to be a Media Strategist

We live in a world where advanced digital marketing techniques benefit marketers and media strategists alike. But to run the tools, media strategists must have the wherewithal to churn out of the box, creative ideas that outperform competitors. In addition to this, they must have strong analytical capabilities to analyze the inflow of data and determine for themselves the right approach. Since self-learning can be time-consuming, therefore, media strategists often enroll in PG diploma in digital marketing to learn at pace. Critical thinking, coupled with a problem-solving attitude also goes a long way in helping create successful campaigns. Campaign management, general awareness of industry drivers, and a knack for quirky, topical content are also some of the qualities that advanced digital marketing strategists must showcase. 

Paid Media Strategy

There are a couple of staple strategies that paid media professionals to use more than the rest. Let us quickly go over the same. 

Sponsored Media

Sponsored media works through affiliates who are onboarded by paid media strategists. These affiliates, better known as influencers, then push the product forward masquerading the same as a word-of-mouth referral. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are full of sponsored media examples. 

Promoted Media 

In this medium, you invest in direct promotions through advertisements. For instance, Facebook publishers often take support of ads to push a creative to new subscribers. The same is the case with thousands of brands on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The traditional pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns also fall under this category. 

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